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Script Development

I love developing new work.  Drawing on my experience as a director and my years as a Literary Manager at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, I am passionate about helping writers and performers strengthen their voice and share their stories.  I can work in person in NYC, or via Skype or phone anywhere.  Contact me and let's get started on your next creation!


Erin Layton / Playwright/Performer / New York City

“Julie is the rare editor who gives criticism that is actually exciting and invigorating.  In helping me develop the final drafts of my play, she brilliantly addressed some problems that had long vexed me.  She shares both expertise on the technical craft of playwriting, and an intuitive sense of what the audience needs, and longs, to know all along the way. The end result was not for her to write the play for me, but to help me make the most out of my own voice, and themes in the play that were already there from the start.  Working with Julie one on one took my play-development education to a whole new level of discovery. It was the highly personalized master class I had long been missing, and the best investment I ever made in my theater education.

Paula Kamen / Playwright/Author / Evanston, IL

"Julie brought out the best in me, my writing, my characters, and my storytelling. She is a generous collaborator and saw the bigger picture of where my script could go.  She helped me craft my story with her sharp intellect, supportive attention to detail, and in-depth discussions.  Julie played a major role in elevating my script into a successful multi-dimensional solo-show.

“When I first approached Julie with a rough draft of my first full length play, I could not have foreseen that it had the potential to become what it is now. Julie patiently worked with me to sharpen and hone the script, carefully mining the research material, asking the right questions and creating a structure for the overall story so that each individual character had an arc, and a voice.  She provided me with the confidence and support that I needed in order for my play to excel and attract audiences in NYC, both as a script and as a piece of performance.”

Melissa Ritz / Playwright/Screenwriter/ Los Angeles, CA

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